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That's right boys and girls, I'm doing commissions. Be it DnD, WoW, Gw2, or some other character or creature, I'm all for it! 

The Current Line-Up


Things to keep in mind:

- I do everything by hand. Pen, pencil, and paper. No fancy technology used besides the scanner. So while I will do my very best to get your dreams to paper, understand overly intricate requests may need to be negotiated. 
- Communication! I plan on possibly live streaming my art, once I figure out a system to do so. For now, all updates will have to be through messaging, either through here or my email address. All finished works will be emailed, unless otherwise requested. Finished works will not be posted on my page before I've known you have received your work first!
- No NSFW: Intense gore, overly violent, and sexual things aren't my thing. I've done some pin-up work in the past however, so as long as it's tasteful it would be considered. Feel free to ask! If I find the request unsettling, I will have to decline. Sorry.
- Paypal Preferred: As cute as the little tokens are with DA, all art must be paid for with Real-Life Peoples Money (US Dollar via PayPal). 
- Courtesy: I'm sure it's a given, and I am a patient and flexible person, but please be courteous. Rude and brash behavior will result in declined requests. I'm sure it goes without saying, we all know how we'd like to be treated after all. 

What I'll Need From You:

- References: What do they look like? What are they wearing? Are there scars or jewelry? Is there a celebrity/animal they resemble? How do they wear their hair? What's their expression or demeanor? There is no such thing as too much detail, and I want to make sure I get it right! Please, by all means, send pictures, screen shots, and/or descriptions of what you're asking to get done.
- Communication!! Since I do everything by hand, and because live-streaming is not yet a reality, I will be updating all progress by direct messaging/email. I do my best to respond promptly, though I understand life can get in the way. However, any prolonged absence may see your work set aside unfinished until I hear back from you. Again, I must stress, I do this by hand and so there is no undo button. Because of this I am very reluctant to move forward with art without your approval, and if you can't approve it then I can't proceed. 
- Down Payment: I don't feel comfortable receiving payment after finishing my work, however I also don't expect a full payment upfront before I even get started. I ask that some form of down payment be made in advance, and the rest sent before I send the final piece. If you want to pay in full in the beginning, that's fine as well! I know PayPal can be a pain. 

Contact Info:

As you can see, I'm not very creative, and thus I have the same handle for just about everything: Katnaxel126
You can message me here, on DeviantArt, or at the following locations:
- Gmail: (preferred)
- Tumblr:

PayPal information will be discussed via email/messaging.
For payment with Paypal, please keep the following points in mind:
- Please pay through the "goods and services" option. 
- Paypal takes a fee, depending on the price that is being paid.The Paypal fee can easily be calculated here:   
- Please do NOT include an address!!! This can create a huge hassle and headache for all involved, so please don't do it. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I am a 20-somethings american, armed with pencils, paper, and a pretty rad flannel.

Nothing particularly fancy to note really. I like to game and I like to draw.


Colored - Full Body ($20.00)
A colored drawing of the whole character(s).
- Intricate poses/armor/weapons + $5.00
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $2.00 each
- Additional character + $15.00 each
- Simple background + $2.00
Colored - Bust Only ($15.00)
A drawing of your character from the shoulders up.
- Additional character + $8.00 each
- Intricate Jewelry/Props  + $3.00
- Simple background  + $2.00
Black & White - Full Body ($12.00)
A full body drawing of your character(s), completed line-art that is shaded in with pencil. No color.
- Intricate poses/armor/weapons + $4.00
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $2.00 each
- Additional character +$8.00 each
- Simple background +$2.00 
Black & White - Busts Only ($10.00)
A bust or 'head shot' of your character, inked and shaded in pencil. No color.
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $3.00 each
- Additional character + $8.00 each
- Simple background +$2.00
Line-Art / Silhouette - Full Body ($8.00)
Either plain lines or a blacked-out image, it's all ink and no color.

- Intricate poses/armor/weapons + $2.00
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $1.00 each
- Additional character + $5.00 each
- Simple background +$1.00

- Intricate poses + $2.00
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, weapons, etc) + $1.00 each
- Additional character + $4.00 each
- No Background (can be debated)
Line-Art - Bust Only ($5.00)
As stated, cleaned  Line-Art of your character from the shoulders up. No shading, no color.
- Additional character/pet  + $2.00 each
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $3.00 each
- No Background (can be debated)
Sketches ($3.00)
Basically what it sounds like. Unclean Line-Art with some ink to make it look nice.
- Nothing overly intricate (it is a sketch after all)
- Props (e.g. chair, pets, etc) + $1.00 each
- Additional character + $1.50 each
- No Background (can be debated)


So I am likely going to begin doing commissions here in the near future. WoW, GW2, and other fan art of video games. Let me know of what you think!


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Thank you so much.

I'm such a dweeb I'm sorry I didn't get this until now.
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